Entertainment Data Deal

Now offering the data and metadata of music in a simple program that is universally accepted and built to expand into the future.  Every musical release needs certain data references from ISRC’s for digital to GTIN’s for physical asset tracking and now even if you don’t use Altavoz you will still need this information for any real distribution situations being offered. As well, whats the point of doing it if it’s not on the Blockchain, and tracked by Industry tracking companies like Nielsen Soundscan.

From basic services like Uniform Product Codes UPC, International Song Registration Code ISRC to more complex like DDex standards to encoding for the Blockchain. No company has been in the Data of Music longer that our Parent company Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTC-AVOZ) having established Digex.com/~altavoz in 1994.

Now any distributor, Label Group, Band or Artists can now get the Entertainment Data they need to be found on the Info SuperHighway, even if they don’t have a distribution deal.

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